Are you standing in the way of your happiness?

  There are the people that are always happy, no matter what. They never seem to get angry, frustrated, sad, or down about anything. They may be standing in the middle of a hurricane, with no clothes on, and no one offering them help, and they’d still find something positive to say. It’s this guy,Continue reading “Are you standing in the way of your happiness?”


Keeping the “Happy” in Happy New Year

You get off the metro, walk into the office, or go into Starbuck’s, and everyone is saying it: Happy New Year! We all are walking around for the first week or two with a glow, fresh from extended holidays, time off, stuffed with good food, and anxious to fulfill our resolutions and achieve our goalsContinue reading “Keeping the “Happy” in Happy New Year”

The things we need to hear

If you take a minute and think about all of the everyday phrases uttered by the people in your life, they might appear ordinary and lack luster. Good morning, good night, have a great weekend, I miss you, I love you, great job, congratulations, thanks, you’re amazing…it can go on and on.  One might thinkContinue reading “The things we need to hear”