Some things change…and some never do.

I was an avid journaler as a kid. Journals, diaries, whatever you want to call it, I kept it. I started with a tiny pink one with bears on it that had a lock and key. The entries were of the “Today, I …” sort. In middle school, I moved on to bigger books withContinue reading “Some things change…and some never do.”

Springing forward

Spring. A time of newly budding flowers, their colors and scent bringing life back into our dreary, gray worlds. Scores of people taking extra long lunch breaks outside, walking their dogs, hand in hand with their lover, playing with their kids, or reading a book and lazing away on the cool grass under the sun.Continue reading “Springing forward”

How do we know what’s “best” for us?

When it comes time to make life-altering decisions, sometimes, the facts are clear, the options are A or B, 1 or 2, this or that. The decision itself may not be easy, but at least all the data is there, and it’s just making that final choice. But what about when everything isn’t clear? WhatContinue reading “How do we know what’s “best” for us?”

Dreams, alligators & ahas!

I had a weird dream the other night that I was at my uncle’s house, hanging out with him and his son, my beloved cousin whom I fondly remember playing cops and robbers with and racing around on our bikes as youngsters before all the drama began with that side of my family. In theContinue reading “Dreams, alligators & ahas!”

Step 1:

Be rid of all things toxic. Now I’m not talking about not smoking (I don’t) or not drinking (I keep a low profile there too) or ditching other ridiculously harmful habits. I don’t really have any of those. But, detoxifying yourself also means mentally, emotionally, and socially. I’ve already been doing well with my workoutContinue reading “Step 1:”