The only way to learn

At one point or another in our lives, we’ve been told that it’s okay to make mistakes, okay to fail, to screw up. The catch is that we are meant to learn from the mistakes, pick ourselves up after failures, and find a new path — now that we know what to do differently. AndContinue reading “The only way to learn”

How to get what we really want

We are constantly being presented by choices, some clearer than others. Some will affect us for about five minutes, like which flavor of ice cream to get, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Others leave a lasting impact, like moving, getting married, having kids or getting a dog, or starting a new job.Continue reading “How to get what we really want”

How do we know what’s “best” for us?

When it comes time to make life-altering decisions, sometimes, the facts are clear, the options are A or B, 1 or 2, this or that. The decision itself may not be easy, but at least all the data is there, and it’s just making that final choice. But what about when everything isn’t clear? WhatContinue reading “How do we know what’s “best” for us?”

What do you want to do?

As a kid, we were endlessly asked by parents, teachers, friends and grandma what we wanted to be when we grew up. Back then, it was easy: a firefighter! a ballerina! In my case, a writer. As we grew older, the question still lingered, but the answer wasn’t always so simple. The one or two-wordContinue reading “What do you want to do?”