11 goals for 11/11/11

In two months, I will be 27. Not such a big milestone, but it will also be 11/11/11, which is pretty epic in the calendar world, so I’ll make the most of it on my end, too. I’m not sure yet how I will celebrate, or whom it will be with, but until then, IContinue reading “11 goals for 11/11/11”


Small steps for a grand plan

Today I had one of those come-to-insert-higher-power-of-choice moments. It started as a slight scolding from someone who is looking out for me in more than one way (which I deserved), twisted and turned into “I’ve been where you are” stories, and ended on a positive, action-oriented note. “Help me help you” isn’t just a memorableContinue reading “Small steps for a grand plan”

Keeping the “Happy” in Happy New Year

You get off the metro, walk into the office, or go into Starbuck’s, and everyone is saying it: Happy New Year! We all are walking around for the first week or two with a glow, fresh from extended holidays, time off, stuffed with good food, and anxious to fulfill our resolutions and achieve our goalsContinue reading “Keeping the “Happy” in Happy New Year”

A key to happiness: relishing your accomplishments

Most of us have glamorous, grand goals: to run a marathon, to run for public office, to become president of a company, to write a book, to retire by X age with $X.  And then you have the smaller ones: finish your stack of books, finish your car payment, get a raise, finally clean yourContinue reading “A key to happiness: relishing your accomplishments”