In 2014, I won’t…


Right now, a lot of people are blogging about their resolutions or goals for 2014, or recapping 2013 highlights and lessons learned. I feel like I’ve already covered a lot of lessons learned in in the last several months on this blog, since I prepared to leave DC and move to California. (If you’re new to this blog, start here to get caught up on that story). I think most of the highlights have been covered as well. So I thought I would take a little bit of a different route this time and write about things that I won’t be doing in 2014. I wouldn’t say I am “resolving” not to do them, but I’ll at least be more mindful about these things and give it my best. After all, that’s all we can ask of ourselves, right?

In 2014, I won’t…

…limit myself to the things that I did before, because “that’s the way it was.” I won’t stay on the same path just because that’s where I started.

…put off something because it’s hard or because I’m not familiar with it. I won’t say “I don’t know how.”

…forget that going with my gut is often the right answer. I won’t ignore the things that continue to resonate with me in spite of everything else.

…let other people’s behaviors and choices stop me from being the best person I can be. I won’t change my standards or principles to win over others.

…let my past get in the way of my future, or my future get in the way of my present. I won’t let the bad “what ifs” ruin the good ones.

…stop trying to get to what I want, need, and deserve. I won’t let perceived deadlines, expectations, and pressures distort reality, or my dreams.

What won’t you do in 2014?

Resolving and Renewing in 2012

Into the unknown of 2012

Millions of people are writing this very same post, or will soon. Resolutions, goals, aspirations, to-dos, whatever you want to call them, we all have them. Many will not write them down or say them out loud, but they are spoken in hearts and minds, in dreams, and in prayers. And many will have similar items on their lists: to lose weight and exercise more, to eat more healthfully and to eat out less, to learn new skills and say good riddance to bad habits.

Be that as it may, our lists are sprinkled with some personal to-dos, and each has a reason for its inclusion that’s special only to the person who resolves to achieve it. So while I may want to learn Italian because I’m traveling there in 2012, someone else may want to be able to converse with their grandmother. You may see some of your own items on my list – let me know which ones we share in common! I wish everyone the best as they work towards their goals for 2012, and for life.

1.  Watch all Christopher Plummer movies
2.  Read some of the classic lit novels that have been sitting on my bookshelf for years
3.  Run a half marathon (committed to one in March); run at least five races total & set a new 10k PR
4.  Take more chances; be fearless and leap into the unknown more
5.  Finish the quilt I started working on at age 11
6.  Learn to knit
7.  Buy a keyboard and start playing again
8.  Learn basic Italian
9.  Become fluent in German
10. Keep #GoodSpotting
11. Cook one new dish a week
12. Sign up to be a Girls on the Run buddy
13. Start yoga again and do it consistently (at least once a week)
14. Find a tennis partner
15. Volunteer at a food kitchen
16. Try again, and then walk away (if I’m not getting a response)
17. Cross off at least five items on my DC bucket list (I’ll have to ignore the original deadline of February)
18. Worry less, embrace “it is what it is” (one of my least favorite sayings)
19. Let go of broken and disappointing relationships & friendships
20. Go on a lot second dates

I could go on and on, but I think 20 is a good starting place. Here’s to a new year, new opportunities, and new experiences.