Remembering what’s important

Just three days before Christmas, everything is about peace and love and family and the true meaning of this holiday that has become so commercialized and in many instances, has lost its true meaning. Over the years, my family has slowly moved from all the traditional pieces of celebrating Christmas: we stopped putting out theContinue reading “Remembering what’s important”


Me & My Shadow

One year ago today, my sweet little Casey had to be put down because lung cancer had suddenly filled his chest, robbing him of breath and comfort. One year ago (and it was on a Sunday), I was milling around the arts booths at Adam’s Morgan Day with some friends, enjoying the weather, the sights,Continue reading “Me & My Shadow”

Engaging with your supporters

In my job, we’re always thinking about how to serve our constituents, our supporters, our donors, our followers, and fans, partners, and champions. That means we frequently “engage with our supporters” which means wonky non-profit type stuff like “creating a dialogue,” “providing a platform for community-building,” “raising awareness,” and “reporting back.” We tell our peopleContinue reading “Engaging with your supporters”

Making the big elephant in the room smaller

There are always the conversations that we know we should have, but don’t want to. Usually it’s because we’re afraid of hurting someone, or getting hurt ourselves. Even the people who never shy away from a challenge or a confrontation or an opportunity to speak the truth can find it hard to avoid the 500Continue reading “Making the big elephant in the room smaller”

These things are the wonderful things…

…we’ll remember all through our lives. So goes a verse in the Carpenters’ Christmas classic, “Sleigh Ride.” This song will be playing while my parents and I drag up the big plastic containers with red and green lids from the basement that snugly hold our universe of Christmas decorations. We’ll pick and choose from theContinue reading “These things are the wonderful things…”