Through the bad…the good shines through

A week ago at this time I was sobbing on my bed, curled into a ball, hugging my stuffed Casey, after hearing from my mom that the real Casey, my corgi, was gone forever. This afternoon, football is on the TV and my boyfriend is laying on the bed while I type, his presence aloneContinue reading “Through the bad…the good shines through”


Yeah… you’re right!

Sometimes there are those days where nothing seems to be going right. We get some bad news, we get in a fight with someone we love, get reprimanded by the boss, or  we’re late to an appointment because of traffic. Last week I had almost an entire week of that. I had the weird medicalContinue reading “Yeah… you’re right!”

Back to life, back to reality

Yet another song so aptly applies to life – probably how it is meant when songs are written, but it does seem so cliche sometimes. I remember when I was in high school and college and I posted song lyrics as instant messenger away messages and in my profile – they usually were silly loveContinue reading “Back to life, back to reality”

Waders and weddings

Yesterday was our service day for UNF.  We went to the Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens in SE DC and split up to do various “yard work” tasks. My group got to muck around in the ponds raking out lily pads. We got to wear these awesome waders with boots attached. Of course there were no smallerContinue reading “Waders and weddings”

Relaxation brings reflection

We’re all doing it right now – the days of 2008 are coming to an end, and as we’re sitting around trying to take a breath after the holidays, putting away decorations, catch up on the piles of magazines, and we’re doing a little thinking. What happened this year? What will next year bring? WhatContinue reading “Relaxation brings reflection”