My 30 day commitment…to myself

When my trainer Grant first asked me to join a 30 day transformation challenge on the Whole 30/Paleo diet, I was skeptical at first. Despite having done some background reading when I first began training with Grant a year ago, and testing the waters a little here and there, I wasn’t sure I could diveContinue reading “My 30 day commitment…to myself”


I run because…

As a kid, I hated running. Every time my dad would remind me that I needed to run to gain endurance for soccer or basketball, I cringed. It got to the point that it literally was forced into my schedule and I abhorred every step of the .7 mile lap around my neighborhood. Then inContinue reading “I run because…”

Are you taking care of yourself?

When you’ve had a really stressful day, week, or even month, or things just aren’t going right in your life for whatever reason, it’s easy to lapse into a routine of sulking, bingeing on unhealthy foods or alcohol, watching trashy TV all day and all night, and generally feeling sorry for yourself. While it’s okayContinue reading “Are you taking care of yourself?”

You have your health

I was reminded tonight that despite the moments where you are crying, frustrated, tired, stressed, desperate or at the end of your rope, that in the end, life is ok because “you have your health.” Something so little, so inconsequential in our day to day moments of slogging through work, interacting with family, friends orContinue reading “You have your health”